About Hellenic Hearts

Hellenic Hearts is a non-profit organization created to establish a need-based safety net for Hellenes in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Piggy-back ride
Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash


Hellenic Hearts will provide financial and other support to local families that have suffered hardship or require assistance.

Hellenic Hearts was the idea of John Aivazoglou, and along with Kosta Mikropoulos, Tim Vlassopoulos and Nick Karalis formed the Non-Profit to raise money through charitable contributions and events to provide financial and other support to local families that have suffered hardships or require assistance.

Hellenic Hearts goal is to form a membership that can offer philanthropic support and aid in a quick and efficient manner to those in need. The Non-Profit will ask for charitable contributions from its members as well as charitable fundraising events (i.e. annual golf outing, casino night and dinner events). The fundraising and membership will mainly come from the Delaware Valley (Greater Philadelphia region).

The founding members will donate their time to these events and the Non-Profit. They will solicit as many volunteers as possible to hold our events and seek support from the companies and organizations that will provide services. The net proceeds from all charitable fundraising will be used to help local families in need.

Board of Directors

  • John Aivazoglou, Esq.
  • President
  • Nicholas Karalis R.Ph.
  • Vice President
  • Timothy Vlassopoulos
  • Director of Scholarships
  • Louie Karapanagiotides
  • Director of Education Guidance Program
  • Margaret Antzoulatos
  • Director of Communication and Events
  • Rayna Aivazoglou
  • Legal Assistant and Editor
  • Kostas Mikropoulos, Esq.
  • James Karalis
  • Dr. Ronald Markos M.D.
  • Dr. Angelo Karakasis D.C.
  • Dr. Niki Mendrinos
  • Peter Pappas
  • Michael Bapis
  • Demetrios Halakos